Our Identity For
The Armenian Cuisine

Lusin Restaurant مطعم لوسين


Lusin restaurant - The Armenian Cuisine - is luxury modern theme inspired by the Armenian ancient culture. Lusin is one of The Diners Club® 50 Best Discovery Series in The Middle East and Africa. The word “Lusin” comes expressing the “moon”, a beautiful and delicate symbol in the Armenian culture. “Lusin” mission is to evoke the beauty sense of this cuisine and indulge you in an inspired rich atmosphere combined with the delightfulness of unique tastes and special recipes.

YaStudio team has designed the brand identity to look hipster, modern, luxurious and inspired by Armenian culture. The logo of Lusin comes separatly in two different languages - Latin & Arabic - without using a logo symbol. The logo type designed to look close to the Armenian typography. Lusin pattern and supergraphic designed to highlight the brand’s business and to give attention to Armenian ancient inscriptions, old letters and pomegranate. The primary colour pink is to give a spirit to the brand printable applications.

Centria Mall, Tahlyah St, Olaya, Riyadh, S.A