Our Identity For
The Contemporary Food Complex

Chandelier شاندلير


Chandelier is a modern food complex based in Riyadh, founded and operated by Danat Realty. The idea behind the name is the environment where a modern type of chandeliers will be implemented there, also it's nice, catchy and easy to remember.

YaStudio team has designed the brand identity to look trendy, elegant and dynamic. The logo and logo type with both Arabic and Latin letters have been designed to represent these pillars, the brand personality, and look close to the chandelier where you can identify that clearly in the logo icon, letter "n" and "ش". For the brand identity applications we illustrated multiple super graphic patterns to represent the lights of chandelier as there will be a multiple type of restaurants. The gray color is to make it calm and elegant.

Northern Ring Rd, Between Exit 5-6, Riyadh, S.A
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