Making a luxurious identity for the highly end fully furnished residential compound in Riyadh

Alghadeer Compound كمباوند الغدير


Alghadeer compound is a highly end fully furnished residential compound with a 24/7 high security standards accepted by international and multinational companies. The compound has 12 villas, 40 apartments, with 10 styles and 52 parkings. The location of the compound is situated to be easy access from the airport roads away from city traffic and close to King Abdullah Financial District, also few steps from major shopping malls, international schools, business offices, main government facilities which gives the residents the luxury of being able to go shopping and dine out.

YaStudio has designed the brand identity to reflect the spirit of luxury. The logo of Alghadeer compound comprises two elements, logo type and logo symbol. The bilingual logo type (Latin & Arabic) has been designed to be elegant, strong, simple, clear, catchy and easy to attract people. The logo type has been carefully chosen for its modern and yet refined, highly legible style, which has been further enhanced by the use of uppercase letters. The logo symbol was made by mixing the first A&E letters of the compound name "G&غ". The logo symbol could be used separately to highlight the brand’s business and to give attention to the brand (front, interface, cover, background, ...etc). Both the logo type and logo symbol have a fixed relationship that give a luxury high-end feeling. The primary colour of the identity is the dark grey, the secondary colour “Bronze” is complementary to the primary colors but is not recognizable identifiers for the brand. The bronze in the printing known as Pantone metallic 8920 C or hot stamping foil “Copper Bronze (ISCC-NBS)”.

Alghadeer District, Riyadh, S.A

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